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General Insurance also known as Non-Life insurance is a contract where the insurer (insurance company) promises to compensate the insured (insurance policy holder) in the event that there is a loss /damage to property or against liability. General insurance typically covers any insurance other than life. Most general insurances are annual or short-term contracts.
In the USA and Continental Europe, General insurance is often referred to as Property and Casualty Insurance.

General insurance is broadly divided into two: Personal and Commercial insurances.

Personal Insurances
These are insurance covers that are taken out by individuals and include insurances such as motor insurance, domestic package, personal accident, medical insurance, golfers insurance etc.

Commercial Insurances
These are insurance covers undertaken by commercial entities and includes covers such as fire, burglary, motor, work injury benefits/employers liability insurance, public/product liability, engineering insurances, marine and aviation, medical, money or goods in transit, fidelity guarantee, agriculture, micro-insurance, bonds, plate glass and others.
Liability insurance covers legal liabilities that are statutory or that may arise as a result of negligence i.e. Insurance Motor Vehicles Third Party Risks Act, Work Injury Benefits Act etc.