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BizConnect is about conversations with businesses and in particular SMEs.

BizConnect is an initiative by AKI that aims to create a platform for insurance companies to have conversations with SMEs. Conversations about the entrepreneurial journey the challenges faced and solutions that insurance companies can provide to address some of these challenges.

The first BizConnect was held on 21 st April 2017 with over 70 SMEs from manufacturing, ICT, financial services, education, consulting and construction sectors attending.

The conversations at the first BizConnect led by three speakers, who are also SME owners, focused on addressing three challenges faced by SMEs. The topics included separating the business person from the business by Joram Mwinamo, Managing Director Wylde International; scaling up by Hellen Kimani, Director at Kevian Industries popular for pic &peel juices; hiring the right talent by Dorcas Wainaina, Executive Director, Institute of Human Resource Management. She’s also a Human Resource Consultant and founder of Midas Schools.

AKI will continue to engage businesses to better understand their needs.