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aayaThe AKI Agents of the Year Awards, is an annual event whose sole purpose is to bring together the insurance industry to recognise top performing insurance sales agents.
The event also motivates insurance sales agents to sell more policies and at the same time also sell high value policies. The competition is also a way to guard against mis-selling and improve on after sales services so as to improve persistency. In other words, reduce the level at which policies are cancelled or terminated by customers before they mature or claimed.

The Association of Kenya Insurers, the umbrella body of all insurance companies in Kenya, works in liaison with the

member companies to develop qualifying criteria for the competition. This criteria is then applied to agents who submit entries to determine and award the top performers.

Since inception in 2002, AAYA has only involved life insurance sales agents and group life business. This year, for the first time, the competition included the general insurance

sales agents and general business.
There were 280 qualifying agents for the year 2016. Out of this, 2 were general insurance sales agents. This is expected being the first time, but we believe these numbers will increase.

AAYA 2016 Full List of Winners
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